Casting Technologist

Casting Technologist
For more than six decades our client has been a development partner and producer of light metal cast products for the automotive industry. Currently about 3,000 employees serve the markets in Asia, Europe, and North America for the biggest automotive car manufacturers worldwide. These global customers require the best technical solutions with highest quality standards and timely deliveries. For the North American facility we are seeking an experienced Casting Technologist. This facility is located in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina.
Duties: Responsible for supporting all activities related to optimal continus processing of the high pressure die casting machines and equipment.
Description of activities:
Must master the task of Die Casting.
Must introduce the measures necessary to maintain the standards and process-reliable conditions in the Die Casting process.
Train the HPDC staff towards acheving the company's goals. Is responsible for maintenance and processing of all documents (quality- and production-related) associated with technologist position.
Carries out individual orders on instructions from his superiors that form part of his activities.
Is responsible for supporting the tasks of material and equipment planning specifications.
Is responsible of optimal quality performance of the machinery and equipment.
Is responsible for Continuous Improvement Process in his domain.
Education/Professional Requirements:
Bachelor Degree in Technical field preferred.
Compleated professional training speliazed in metal processing preferred.
Required qualification:
Professional experience in an aluminum die-casting plant (at least 5 years)

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